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Need to catch up on today's news? We got you covered, so don't even worry about it. Find out what happened to a fan at a Lil Wayne show, what Jay Z's Tidal streaming service is all about and check out the new Kendrick Lamar music video for "King Kunta".

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    Avonte Wright

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    Happy Birthday, Marvin Gaye!

    The Motown legend would have been 76 years old today. Celebrate his birthday and influence on R&B with a look at his hits.

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    Kendrick Lamar Runs Around Compton in 'King Kunta' Video

    Kendrick Lamar's video for "King Kunta" has premiered, debuting first in Time Square. The video was recorded just last week in Compton.

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    John Singleton Says the Tupac Biopic on Hold 'Until It's Right'

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    Director John Singleton, known for his films like Boyz n the HoodPoetic Justice and Four Brothers, is working on the Tupac Shakur biopic. He won't release it until it's perfect, especially since he's been giving the Shakur family's blessing.

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    A Fan Punched by Lil Wayne's Security Guard Might Sue


    A fan was attacked by a bodyguard at a Lil Wayne show at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale. He was apparently pointed out by Lil Wayne, after which security detail sucker punched the man twice.

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    Jay Z Says Tidal Will Pay Highest Royalty Percentage to Artists

    Jay Z has launched his Tidal streaming service, hoping to compete with other services like Spotify. He has answered a host of questions about how the service will work and how it'll serve artists.