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Can you believe the weekend is almost here? We just have to get through one more day and then we can relax and escape the heat. But first, the news. Find out what Joe Budden has in store for Meek Mill, see who 50 Cent wants to add to G-Unit and watch funnyman Hannibal Buress see if anyone in Beverly Hills has heard of the Drake and Meek Mill beef. Also, check out a gallery featuring the lovely Jenn Morel.

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    Jennifer Morel

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    15 Hot Girls Wearing Snapbacks

    via Instagram

    Today's XXL Eye Candy stars a bevy of hot women wearing snapbacks. There's something about a girl wearing a cap that just sets us off.

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    OG Maco Sounds Off on Racism in America, Donald Trump and Black Churches Burning

    Photo courtesy of NaShish Scott

    The Boombox was afforded an exclusive interview with OG Maco. During the interview, he touched on some of the current issues in the media and how he thinks people should respond.

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    Comedian Hannibal Buress Asks People on the Street if They Have Heard of Meek Mill and Drake

    Comedy Central

    In a very funny segment on Why? With Hannibal Buress, the comedian hit Rodeo Drive and asked passersby whether or not they knew about Drake and Meek Mill. As expected, many of them were clueless about the rappers' feud.

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    50 Cent Wants to Sign Rico Richie

    50 Cent talked to Hot 104.1 in order to promote Effen vodka and touch on his plans for G-Unit. He talks about how he wants to sign Rico Richie as the newest member of G-Unit.

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    Joe Budden Says He Has a Meek Mill Diss Written

    Joe Budden

    Joe Budden was speaking about the Meek Mill and Drake beef on his podcast, "I'll Name This Podcast Later". He said that he's written a Meek Mill diss that probably won't see the light of day, but he'll step into the recording studio if prompted.