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August has only just begun, but it's already scorching outside. Take shelter from the heat and catch up on today's news. Find out what happened during a J. Cole show in New Jersey, learn what Drake, Kanye West and Will Smith were laughing at after OVO fest and read up on how Jay Z was instrumental in getting Kanye West and Taylor Swift to be friends. Also, view the lovely Niykee Heaton in a KING Magazine gallery.

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    Niykee Heaton

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    15 Smoking Hot Chicks from the 2015 OVO Fest

    via Instagram

    OVO Fest took place in Toronto over the weekend. If you attended, then you were treated to the sight of some of the most beautiful women on the planet.

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    J. Cole Concert Marred by Shooting, Two People Injured

    Two people were injured after a shooting at J. Cole's Forest Hills Drive concert stop in New Jersey. A witness told WABC-TV that he heard gunshots after an argument erupted in the parking lot.

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    10 Major Brands Chime In On Drake and Meek Mill's Beef

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    It's no surprise that one of the biggest topics last week on social media was the beef between Drake and Meek Mill. Many major brands decided to weigh in on the topic while promoting their goods and services on social media.

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    What are Drake, Kanye West and Will Smith Laughing at After OVO Fest?

    Drake Instagram

    Drake posted a picture of Kanye West, Will Smith and himself laughing hysterically after OVO Fest. It's been presumed that the men are laughing at the plethora of Meek Mill memes that have surfaced during the past week.

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    Jay Z is the Reason Kanye West and Taylor Swift are Friends

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    Taylor Swift told Vanity Fair that it was Jay Z who was responsible for the friendship between her and Kanye West. After they both started to respect each other after Jay Z pushed for them to get along.