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The weekend is finally here and we can breathe a little easier. Catch up on the news and head off into that two-day stretch of relaxation. Find out what Kanye West had to say about his role as a celebrity, check out the latest on the Young Thug and Lil Carter feud and find out who's performing at the MTV Movie Awards. Also, check out a classic Masika Kalysha gallery.

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    Masika Kalysha

    Former Web Girl of the Week

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    10 Sexy Chicks Serving Drinks

    Gracie Instagram

    The nightclub scene is pretty huge. Chances are, some bartenders are incredibly hot. Here are some examples of these fine ladies.

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    Lil Wayne Addresses Young Thug's 'Carter Six' Album Title: 'F--- Him'

    Baller Alert Instagram

    Young Thug's upcoming album will be titled Carter Six. Lil Wayne believes this title to be disrespectful towards him.

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    Young Thug Says He Will Not Beef with Lil Wayne

    Ryan Muir

    Lil Wayne has called Young Thug's upcoming album's title, Carter Six, disrespectful. Young Thug has posted a reply, wishing to avoid conflict.

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    Fetty Wap to Perform with Fall Out Boy at the MTV Movie Awards

    Fetty Wap will join a list of artists who will perform at the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. Other performers include Ty Dolla $ign, Tinashe and Charli XCX.

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    Kanye West Says He's Not a Celebrity, He's an Activist

    Getty Images

    Kanye West recently spoke to the New York Times' T Magazine. He discussed his family life and his ego, including the fact that he sees himself as more as an activist, rather than a celebrity.