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Welcome to the weekend, folks. Get a bit of that rest and relaxation as we head into the month of June. Catch up on some news while you're at it. Find out what Chris Brown said in his open letter, why Glastonbury organizers received death threats and the latest on the shooting incident involving Lil Wayne's tour bus. And check out a classic KING gallery featuring the legendary Nicki Minaj.

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    Nicki Minaj

    March/April 2011 KING Magazine Issue

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    15 Vine Clips of Non-Stop Twerking

    Official Twerk Team Vine

    Today's XXL Eye Candy post features 15 Vine videos of sexy women twerkig. You can loop these videos if you'd like an infinite amount of twerking to end your week.

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    Chris Brown Discusses Negativity, His Struggles & Relationship with God in Open Letter

    Chelsea Lauren, Getty Images

    Chris Brown seems to have been doing a lot of soul-searching and posted an open letter to Instagram. In the letter, he talks about how he thought he knew what love was, his struggles with fame and money and his relationship with God.

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    Glastonbury Organizers Receive Death Threats After Booking Kanye West

    Getty Images

    The Galstonbury Festival in the UK is set for June 24-28 and organizers have been receiving death threats for booking Kanye West. A petition that's been signed by 133,000 has been circulating, but organizers stand by their decision to book West.

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    50 Cent Says Chris Brown Helped Squash His Beef with Floyd Mayweather

    50 Cent appeared on Real 92.3 and gave an interview. During the interview, he revealed how Chris Brown bringing G-Unit on stage during a show at the Barclays Center helped squash the beef.

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    Lil Wayne's Tour Bus Shooting May Be Tied to Young Thug

    Kevin Winter Rick Diamond, Getty Images

    TMZ has reported that a suspect in the shooting of Lil Wayne's tour bus in April is in custody. The suspect is Jimmy Carlton Winfry, who is a Blood and was purportedly Young Thug's road manager.