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We all know what day it is, but that doesn't stop the news from coming. If you haven't caught up yet, we've got your back. Find out what happened to Ariana Grande and Big Sean, what charges have been levied against the Migos after being arrested at Georgia Southern University and how Drake might have confirmed Nicki Minaj's engagement with Meek Mill.

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    Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo Discuss Weed Habits, Lighting Up in Amsterdam, Dr. Dre's Strain of Choice and Snoop Dogg as Bob Marley Reincarnated

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    Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo discuss their love of marijuana. They talk to The Boombox about everything they've experienced with it.

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    Did Drake Confirm Nicki Minaj's Engagement with Meek Mill

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    Drake brought out Nicki Minaj during his performance during the second leg of Coachella. His announcement of Nicki might have hinted that she and Meek Mill are engaged.

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    Lil Wayne Disses Young Thug at Columbus, Ohio Show

    The beef continues and Lil Wayne has dissed Young Thug during a show at Columbus, Ohio. He voices his opinion about Carter 6, the upcoming Young Thug album.

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    Big Sean and Ariana Grande Break Up

    According to statements given to US Weekly by reps from both parties, Ariana Grande and Big Sean have split. They will remain close friends, but cannot be in a relationship.

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    Offset of the Migos Denied Bond After Georgia Southern University Arrest

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    On April 18, 2015, the Migos were arrested for a number of offenses. Quavious Marshall and Kirshnik Ball are being held on $10,000 bond while Offset has been denied bond.