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It's the end of another week and we're ready to kick back and relax for the weekend. For now, let's catch up on today's news. Find out why Suge Knight thinks his toilet is possessed, see what other misfortunes have befallen 50 Cent and check out what Pitbull had to say to Trump. And check out a gallery featuring the gorgeous Briana Bette.

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    Briana Bette

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    Kyra Chaos Might be the Sexiest DJ in the World

    Kyra Chaos Instagram

    Today's Eye Candy is Kyra Chaos, one of the hottest female DJs around. She's become of one Diddy's Ciroc Girls and has earned her spot as a sex symbol.

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    Suge Knight May Have a Brain Tumor, Claims Prison Toilet is Possessed

    Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

    According to TMZ, Suge Knight has claimed that his prison toilet is possessed. News has surfaced that he might have a brain tumor as well.

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    50 Cent Allegedly Owes $28.5 Million

    Victoria Will

    On top of his filing for bankruptcy this week, news has come out that 50 Cent owes over $28 million to creditors, one of which includes his grandfather. 50 Cent also allegedly owes Lavonia Leviston $5 million for damages and infliction of emotional distress caused by her sextape going public on her website.

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    Rick Ross's Baby Mama Wants More Child Support


    RIck Ross is paying Tia Kemp, his baby's mother, $200 a month. She is now seeking more money, citing his success as a rapper and his many businesses as reasons why he'd be able to offer more funds.

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    Pitbull Tells Donald Trump to Watch out for El Chapo

    Pitbull recently received an award at Premios Juventud 2015, during which he made a speech. He cited Trump's candidacy speech and said that he should "watch out for El Chapo," one of the most notorious drug lords from Mexico who is currently on the lam.