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Have you been experiencing a little midweek madness? Well, we're inching towards the weekend, so pass the time by catching up on the news. Find out what Chance the Rapper is trying to do for teens, read up on why there are thousands of Nicki Minaj cardboard cutouts at a cathedral in Finland and see why Rick Ross was arrested in George. Be sure to take the time to peruse a classic KING gallery featuring the one and only Melyssa Ford.

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    Melyssa Ford

    Winter 2011 KING Magazine Issue

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    14 Sexy Girls Doing Splits

    It's a move that make most men cringe, but has a more positive effect when we see women do it. Today's XXL Eye Candy feature stars fit girls doing splits.

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    Meek Mill's 'Check' Video Shoot in Philadelphia Abruptly Ends After Man Gets Pistol-Whipped


    Tensions ran a little high at the shooting of Meek Mill's "Check" in Philadelphia as Louie V Gutta showed up with his camp. A man got pistol-whipped when things got heated.

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    Thousands of Nicki Minaj Cardboard Cutouts Surround Cathedral in Finland


    Thousands of cardboard cutouts of Nicki Minaj have appeared in front of a cathedral in Helsinki, Finland. These cutouts are meant to promote Minaj's debut in Finland in July.

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    Chance the Rapper is Putting Together a Free Festival for Teens

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    Chance is curating the Teens in the Park festival in Northerly Island. The festival will be free and feature Chance, Donnie Strumpet and other Chicago-based artists.

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    Rick Ross Arrested in Georgia

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    Rick Ross has been arrested in Fayette County, Georgia while driving a Bentley with alleged illegally tinted windows. He was also found with marijuana in the vehicle.