waterbottle.jpgWant to know the most cost effective way of getting a woman's attention at a club and keeping it? Here it goes.

Fact: At a club, most women like to get free drinks.

Another Fact: Most men buy women their "free" drinks.

The Problem

1) In no other social setting do we condone such behavior. Try to holler at a woman in a grocery store and ask her if she'd like a pint of Bailey's. See where that gets you, playboy.

2) If you saw a fine ass woman walking down the street and you wanted to talk to her, you certainly wouldn't go up to her flashing a $10 bill in order to start the conversation.(1)

3) Every single ninja from L.A. to N.Y. has already asked this question to the point that women have come to expect the offers for a free drink.


Buy the broad a bottle of water

Why It Works

The Stand Out Factor: Assuming the girl you have your eye on is moderately attractive, best believe she's been approached by three to five guys with that "Can I buy you a drink line" By offering her a bottle of water, you've not only given her only one option, you've given her an option no one has thought about, including her.

Mr. Sensitivity: If you're anything like H.P.L., you only deal with classy women (2) and most classy women know their limit. With the water offer, you have displayed the kind of sensitivity that says, "Hey, I'm trying to holler at you. Not get you drunk."

Cost Effective: Most places only charge $3 for a bottle of water - although some go as high as $4 and $5, which aren't the places I frequent but do you, playboy - and unless it's happy hour, this runs you far less than any other drink on the menu, including Red Stripes.

I'm Not Saying She's A Gold Digger: If a woman can't accept or decline your offer with grace, then she is clearly the type of chick Kanye West warned you about. And remember, it's still trickin', no matter how much dough you hold ninja.


Will this get you laid? Well, nothing in life is guaranteed. So you can choose to get the girl drunk, all while breaking bread you probably don't have in the process, but we know that's a big if and not to mention a Kobe-like setup. Or, you can get the chick some water and maximize your pimpin' at a fraction of the risks and costs.


1) Unless said woman was a bottom bitch walkin' the track

2) A girl who orders Bone Crushers and Thug Passions all night is not the girl for me