My people, I come here today to proclaim that KING Magazine is the African-American focused men's magazine equivalent to Dr. Martin Luther King. Before anyone gets offended, think about it: Nothing brings more men together of different race, creed or background than the appreciation of hot chicks in little-to-no clothing. NOTHING. Not even free food.

So since we're a proud group of tang appreciators here at, I must ask a question to my brethren. Ladies are also welcome to offer their input, too. That question is: How true is the statement "It ain't tricking if you got it?"

I, for one, am fundamentally opposed to most forms of tricking. Spending money unnecessarily for the right to meet someone or lure them into bed is never good. Let me explain why:

* First off, it makes you look like a sucker from the jump. For one, you already let her know that you want what she has, to the point that you're trying to win favor. Basically, you've all but given up control of the situation, unless she's already that into the way you look.

* Second, she has done NOTHING to deserve a free drink. I see nothing wrong with buying a woman a drink who is interesting, and whose company I truly enjoy. She has earned it, so it's like buying a drink for one of your boys. If all she brings to the table is her looks, or we haven't even exchanged names yet, then I'll be damned if I'm giving her anything.

* Third, you are raising the price of pussy when you go overboard with lavish gifts for acts most chicks will do for free. Women talk, you know...Soon, the ones that equate their vagina to dollar signs will want more and more in return for their affections, and those of you who do partake in tricking will see the impact in your wallets, just like at the
gas pump. Stop gassing 'em up so much, and maintain the proper balance to avoid a recession.

* Finally, there are more original ways to start a conversation. If the best approach you can come up with is "So what'chu drinking?" It might be a long night for you...I say this, because someone with the gift of gab may come and take that chick from you, for the price of FREE. Observe this example from last Friday...

I went to the bar over near where I live, and there was a 40-something Ethiopian man in there, with a young lady who could be no more than 21 years old. As the night progressed, I held court, keeping folks at the bar laughing and telling everyone about my comedy site,

*SHAMELESS SELF-PROMO TIME* That's right,, Best Humor Blog winner in the 2006 and 2008 Black Weblog Awards *END OF SHAMELESS SELF-PROMO*

Every now and then, the older fellow would try to sweet talk the young girl, and soon afterward, she'd give me a compliment, or smile my way whenever he'd start talking to someone else. She was hot, but I felt kind of bad about the fact that I considered taking her from him, since he was older and friendly...

"But OOOOOOH, NOT THAT BAD!" - The Dream, 2007

When I overheard him trying to convince her to quit her job and fly to Vegas with him, I had to truly think about the tricking question. In most cases, this would be a GROSS violation. Then again, I think there should be exceptions for older dudes sometimes. If you're at a certain point in life, you should be allowed to partake in young trophy vagina every now and then. You're paying for it, but they have to do ungodly acts with an old naked it balances out.

The funny thing is, the young chick hollered at me later that night, and told me that was her "friend." So you see, the same end result can potentially be had whether you're talking about taking the same pretty girl to Vegas, or three blocks up the street to your apartment.

Now, it's your turn to chime in. Let me know what you think about the phrase "It ain't tricking if you got it"