In a matter of months, Natalie Martinez went from walking high school hallways to walking the catwalk as the new face of J. Lo's clothing line.

Natalie's career as a model started at 15 when she took some composite pictures and shot a TJ Maxx commercial, and around the same time she appeared on a Univision segment about the family's Miami-based unisex barbershop, Papa and Daughters. But [Natalie's mother] Odalys [Nunez] noticed that Natalie was turning heads at a young age. "She was always posing in pictures like she was a sexy model with her hands on her side,” says Odalys. "I've never heard that before today,” her daughter jokingly responds. In an industry filled with ballooned heads, egos and silicone, Natalie maintains her grounded, ‘round-the-way girl charm.

KING: What does your boyfriend think of you becoming a model? Was he hatin'?
NATALIE: He's very supportive. My boyfriend was telling me, "Be yourself, show your attitude, give your assets, like, both ways and dance when the music's on.” I did exactly that, which worked well, because look where I am now.

What type of qualities do you like in a man?
I like the real thing. I don't like superficial and materialistic. I like humble, honest, the basics. Physically, this part of the arm [points to biceps]. I like a person's inside more than [physical things] though. I'm more turned on by a person's sense of humor and if they have the right attitude.