6 Run-D.M.C.
The rap luminaries actually deserve double consideration… King of Rock announced that they were the "Kings from Queens.”

7 Bobby Brown
Isn't this one obvious? Whitney herself said that B. Brown is the "King of R&B.” She might have even been sober when she said it.

8 Burger King
The folks who brought you the Whopper deserve some recognition. Once the White Castle is seized, there will finally be peace in the middle feast. (lunch that is).

9 King Carl XVI Gustaf
Recognize. This cat, the reigning King of Sweden, was the only official royalty mentioned in the Gold Club trial. Sources spotted him copping a lap dance during the 1996 Olympics.

10 Rodney King
Took a lickin' but kept on tickin'. Although he hit us with that weak "Can't we all just get along” statement, he gets much respect for beating the LAPD out of major money. It's been reported that he may start a record label, too. Can't beat that with a bat.