facebook_sml.jpg   Good afternoon King-Mag.com readers,

Today, I am trying my hand at interactivity. For all of the millions of Facebook users out there, you now have extended access to the Great One, via my new Facebook group,

I Listen To Leon

I know what you're thinking: "It's not even Christmas yet, and I'm getting all of this! Sweet Jesus! Leon is a SAINT!"

Just to clarify things, I am NO saint. However, I am a generous dude. So if I can share something with you all that cost me all of zero dollars, then GOT-DAMN IT, I'm going to pass it on to you. That's just the type of stand-up guy that I am. Why be selfish with this razor-sharp sense of humor? Pass it around! Don't hide it, divide it!

King Magazine models, remember this display of generosity next time you see me out and about. Think about the last sentence that I typed. Then look at me. Then look down at your woman-parts. Then look back at me and repeat itto yourself: "Don't hide it, divide it." Sharing is fun for everyone :)

Speaking of sharing...I was a little hesitant to put y'all on at first, because being a member of my group would give dudes direct access to a number of my admiring female readers. Then, I realized that I'm Leon, so I don't need to do what insecure people do. There will be no collective handcuffing of hoes! My beautiful female readers will still be there...And if they were planning on someday having sex with me, it might could still happen...So why not?

Oh yeah...To the lady readers: I wasn't calling any of you "hoes." Then again, if you were quick to take offense, maybe you have some soul-searching and guilty conscious cleaning to do. Y'all know me by now...So if you can't take a joke, that's YOUR fault!

See, y'all about to make me get to Facebooking motherf*ckers up in here! 

"YES! YES! IN DEE FACE!" - Prince Akeem, Coming to America

Yeah...I said it