A few weeks ago, I promised a fellow blogger that I would write something about The Jena Six after hearing their story on Michael Baisden's radio show. Hearing about the horrible injustice made me to feel compelled to go against my usual humorous writing format, and take a stand. Only problem is, I did not follow through on my promise.

I feel pretty bad, because this situation needs to be reported by as many media outlets as possible. I got so caught up in chasing my own personal goals that I looked past the fact that these young kids' lives are on the line down there in Louisiana. I realized this when I signed the online petition the other day to put an end to the madness in Jena.

The night after signing the petiton, I had a dream. It was not a very profound dream at all. In fact, the entire dream consisted of me cutting on CNN, and seeing that all six boys had been given life sentences in prison. Then, I looked over next to the couch, and saw Michael Evans from Good Times holding up this sign, with a look of sheer disgust on his face.


Michael Evans sign


I then woke up, and realized that eating a crispy chicken value meal right before you go to sleep is a bad thing. Weird Michael Evans sightings aside, I figured that dream was a message from my subconscious (and indigestion) telling me to spread the word. Below, I have linked a number of web resources where people can learn about what's going on in Jena, Louisiana, as well as do something about it. As Americans, it is your duty to stomp out racism the same way you'd stomp out someone who had sex with your sister and owes you $75.  I think that great scholar and poet, Keenan Ivory Wayans, said it best:



But seriously, forward this information to as many people as you can, because this entire situation is a travesty.

Justice Department Online Petition

NAACP Petition to the Louisiana Governor

Michael Baisden's Rally and March for Peace and Justice

Jena 6 Youtube Video