Style Points

Fatigues Don't Get Tired

"In the beginning, my thing was always military wear. It's comfortable and it fits right. I think Fidel Castro does it well. It doesn't matter who Fidel is going to meet, he's always wearing his uniform.

Baggin' The Baggies

"As you get older, you start fitting into a different world and you want to be comfortable. You start pulling your pants off your ass and you wear stuff more fitted. I can't wear baggy pants like I'm 12, my shirts ain't triple Xs. They have to fit right."

Father Knows Best

"My father was a big influence on my style. He was never into diamonds like me and my brothers. His style was never sneakers. When you watch a Mob movie, look how they dress: They wear jogging suits! But mainly when you watch the old movies, men wore nice shoes and [suits]. My pops comes from that generation."

Continue reading this story in the September 2006 issue of KING (#34).