Here we are again, it's the month of February and Valentine's week (yes, I said week, because some people put a lot of emphasis on it). Last year, I wrote about the Dreaded V Word, how it can affect people's emotions and, with this economy, their wallets. Since people are deciding about what to do for their significant other on Valentine's Day, I've put together a list of things NOT to do for Valentine's Day. Ladies and gentlemen, feel free to add on to the list!

At the end of the day whether it's Valentine's Day, Christmas or any other day where gifts are expected, if it's truly love and comes from the heart, that's all that should matter. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


*Don't get her something that she's allergic to (for example fruits, chocolates, lotions )

*Don't go in debt for one day. Times are hard. Be creative, if you don't have the funds, she should understand (Don't go to Jared's on a Claire's Boutique budget)

*Don't buy her something to wear, if you don't know her size (this could get you in a lot of trouble, be on the safe side and get a gift card)

*Don't take her to a sporting event, if she hates sports (Me, personally, I would love it lol)

*Don't buy her the same thing you buy your mom and/or your sister (most women understand how important your family is to you, however, she still wants to feel special)

*Don't fake it...(a lot of places you can go with that lol), but seriously if you aren't a romantic, you just aren't, think of something you both like to do, and roll with it

*Don't recycle gifts, new girl, new gift. Don't buy her something you bought a former girlfriend, especially if it's custom made

*Speaking of recycle don't recycle sex toys (meaning don't re-use them on a different person, that's just nasty)


*Don't use sex as a gift (even though the majority of men appreciate it lol), you can give that gift anytime

* Speaking of sex, Don't spend too much money on lingerie, that's probably going to stay on for 5 seconds

*Don't always get the common gift, switch it up, send him flowers (nothing wrong with "Trading Places")

*Don't try something physically for the first time, that you haven't practiced

*Don't make a promise you aren't going to keep, if he doesn't remember anything, he will remember that

*Don't make him sit through a romantic comedy, if you know he hates it

*Don't expect him to catch a hint, if he asks you want you want for Valentine's Day, tell him exactly what is and where to get it

*Don't feel sorry for yourself if you don't have a Valentine, it's not the end of the world, turn Valentine's Day into a personal day and pamper yourself!

"Loving is not just looking at each other, it's looking in the same direction" ~Antoine de Saint-Exupéry