It wasn't supposed to end like this. Originally, Broke Thought$ was supposed to get me rich, and yet, I'm still broke, so it's back to the block for your boy.

KIDDING! I've never been good at walking away without getting a final word, so here I go: My final words...for now.

After Friday, I will no longer be the editor of, and thus this is my last Broke Thought$ column for Some who know me and have met me have talked about how personal my writing is, and I got to tell you, it was never planned that way. I'm a trained journalist. I worked for my high school newspaper. I went to college and earned a degree in journalism. I have interned at newspapers, magazines, and websites. In other words, I'm not a blogger. I'm a writer,  and those who really know me know I have been writing opinion pieces since my high school newspaper days. As a matter of fact, I've been writing columns since before blogs existed (but hold on hater, I'm not that old) so don't get it twisted, I didn't just jump into this pool. Broke Thought$ is just an extension of the same thing I've always done since high school. You young kids can call it a blog, some can call it a column, but it doesn't really matter what you call it. What matters is, did I give you all any food for thought? Like my hero Jay-Z once said, "I'm a writer for myself and others."

Even before I decided to change my pen name from Huey P. Langston to the name my mother gave me, the one thing I have put the most effort into is making these here words I write mean something. In the year and a half I've hosted this blog, I've voiced my opinions on everything from women to e-winks. I've written about my experiences of moving in with my woman (though I never discussed the experience of her moving out...that's for the book), growing out my hair, and the best rap songs to have sex to. And honestly, I don't know if any of it matters to anybody.  But hey, it had to be said, and in the great words of my fellow blogger Leon, "Yeah, I said it."

I would like to thank everybody who has ever read my column, everyone who commented, and anyone who linked to something I wrote. I read everything - from books to blogs -  and trust me, comments are always appreciated, but just finishing somebody's work from beginning to end is all a writer ever wants.  So if you have done that with at least one of my columns, I thank you a thousand times over.

All of the Broke Thought$ columns will remain archived on the site, and you can click here to read past posts anytime. And now for my next trick...well, you'll have to wait. I'll be around and if you don't know where to find me you know what to do. Google me.

Laugh Out Loud.