I don't know the official count yet, but I'm praying very few tuned into last night's premiere of I Love New York - an hour-and-a-half of some of the most emasculating programming I have ever seen in my lifetime.

Twenty guys vying for a chance to get in the panties of a girl - a girl who, just a few months ago was easily handing her drawers to a man that looks like an oil spill with limbs.

The desperation of these men was the saddest comedy to which I've beared witness. They're known by many as male groupies. After all, they're not trying to get with a girl named Tiffany who's from upstate New York. They're trying to get with a girl named New York on national television. It's all transparent, just like the girls on Flavor of Love.

And that's where I start to get pissed off, because whereas FOL displayed the kind of behavior I have come to expect from females, ILNY is atypical of what I expect of men. What has happened to us?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say ILNY is shining the light on a much bigger issue facing the American man - the lack of a father in the household and too many mothers raising men by themselves. And though sometimes a man raising his son can also have it's fair share of questionable tactics, one could assume the men on ILNY weren't exposed to enough of these as kids. If it isn't an issue of an absent or adequate male role model, it's the streets raising our men, which explains why one of last night's contestants actually had the nerve to raise his voice at the She-Devil's moms. Mother of the She-Devil be damned, screaming on a woman is corny and granted there are exceptions, but none were apparent last night.

Because I am my brother's keeper, I will reluctantly watch ILNY so I can see how just deep of a problem we have here. Every week, I will be keeping a running log of every new episode. Stay tuned, and read, as I continue to show you just how feminine men are becoming.