An extremely unbalanced week has left me disoriented. I kept thinking today was Monday when indeed tomorrow is Friday. I'm not the least bit upset as I'm enjoying the shortened work week, as you should be as well. But with all the heat & time spent runnin about, I had to give you a few suggested tracks to tide you over for the next few days...

Freeway & Beanie Siegel - "You Don't Know Me"

Philly's finest back with a drum-heavy, '07 "What We Do" vibe. Illest combo since the Steiners.

Young Berg Feat. Jim Jones, Rich Boy - "Sexy Lady" (Remix)

Claps accentuate this beat on a song that sings the odes of "next city, next party, next chick."

Glasses Malone Feat. Akon - "Certified"

Slowed-down & raspy, Glasses does his thing & we all know it's a must to have either Akon or T-Pain on your track if you want spins, even though this could've done w/o the guest appearance.

Three Six Mafia - "We Got The Club"

Three Six is becoming more comfortable exposing us to their rock-n-roll side and it has fair results here as they use a slight croon to help make the beat hypnotic.

Cassidy - "I Don't Give A Fuck"

Some people have major car accidents & find Jesus. Cass faced similar situations & decide to start utilizing his talent & slapboxin mics. More Philly fire over a staccato backdrop.

Killer Mike & S.L. Jones - "Good 4 U"

"My zipper open like the trap, you welcome to come grind on me..." - Mike

"Speakerboxx and Love Below/Got Big Boi & Dre on/Girl, I like "The Way You Move," got me say "Hey Ya"..." - Jones

And, the flutes. Nuff said.

Young Buck - "U Ain't Goin No Where"

Buck The World simply did not get the full recognition it deserved. With a new single, maybe the Brother Buck will get a boost in sales with this melodic "break up to make up" track. "You keep tellin me I make you sick/But on some real shit, quit bitch you love this dick"...Ahh, Buck, ever the Southern gentleman.


Business as usual @ the Section with Smoking Sessions with DJ P, Pharoahe Monch & Keith Murray.

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