And that Chrysler 300M you've customized to your heart's content—his fleet is worth about 20 of those, fully loaded. His lineup: a hefty Hummer HS, a slick Aston Martin Vanquish, a funky Ferrari 350 Modena and a slick BMW 645(though he hasn't whipped the six in a couple of weeks). KING caught up with the driver-not-a-rider to discuss switching four lanes, money not being a thing and the sort.

Explaining the importance of car tints:

"The Ferrari's not and it's irritating—because the car is yellow, it draws so much attention. So when I do drive it and they see that it's me, they try to follow me. Like this lil' Mustang tried to come up to me recently tryna to do something, but they don't want it.”

Confessing to almost copping a speeding ticket:

"I just got pulled over on Saturday for speeding. I was in the Range Rover and it's funny because I was doin' like 75, and the bad part was I went right by the cop. And the worse part was they made me get out and I had on all my jewelry. And I'm like, ‘Aw man.' But they let me go. They knew who I was. They didn't give me a ticket.”