Anyone who saw Diddy force the members of Da Band to walk to Brooklyn to get him cheesecake on Making The Band would never want to work for Sean Combs, but thirteen contestants still showed up to compete for an assistant position on VH1's new reality show, I Want To Work For Diddy. Before the first episode was even over, two potential Fonzworth Bentley's were out on the street. We talked to the ousted contestants, Andrew and Georgette, to find out what the Bad Boy interview process was like.

Diddy has a reputation for making his assistants do ridiculous things. Were you guys prepared to walk to Spanish Harlem to get Puffy a sugar cookie if you had to?
Andrew: Definitely not. I knew we were going to be doing some degrading things, but I've owned three businesses and I don't clean people's cars. I don't see how cleaning somebody's car shows my work caliber. I think the show is more about showing off Diddy's behavior than it is about finding the next entrepreneur.

You were eliminated before the competition even started. What happened?
Andrew: I have a feeling that [the judges] Derek and Capricorn didn't like me. In my opinion, I looked like the high school jock who played Capricorn in her senior year of high school or the guy that Derek never liked because I was flashy. I knew they had it out for me right from the get go. They might've shown me as a flashy guy on the show, but if you go on my MySpace you'll see I'm very professional. I'm not going to say I'm more professional than anybody else on the show, but I have my own production company, I make movies, I choreograph things.

Sounds like Diddy has some competition
I think that's the reason why I was the first one eliminated. Capricorn and Derek knew that if I met P. Diddy he wouldn't have eliminated me. That's the thing that pissed me off—I thought I was walking into the room to meet P. Diddy. I thought, "Okay, great, I can showcase my acting and charisma and at the same time I'll murder them on challenge, because I'm the guy who knows how to hustle. Once I walked in the room and saw P. Diddy wasn't there I was like, "Oh, no. I'm screwed.”

Diddy was all over the ads for the show, but he barely appeared onscreen. Did you guys even meet him?
I didn't and I thought I'd get a chance to because he handpicked the people on the show. He had reviewed our videos, so he obviously he saw potential in each of us. I thought there would've been a fair shot for each of us to have some type of meeting with him or get to work with him for a little bit.

Puffy's assistants all had horror stories. Why does he inflict such bizarre behavior on these people?
You get a sense of his behavior when you see him on TV, but I didn't realize he was to that point. I think that being successful and being super accomplished is admirable, but I admire [Warner Music Executive Vice President] Kevin Liles more, because he treats people like we're all on the same level.

Andrew: He's an egomaniac, everyone knows that, but he's the man at the same time. I can see why he wants to test peoples' devotion to him. He's one of those people who thinks he has something that no one else has, which is probably true. At the same time, I don't want to be that guy who's carrying his umbrella around. No offense to those guys, but I aim a little higher for myself.


I Want To Work For Diddy airs Mondays at 9 PM on VH1