Who says child stars are destined to be destitute drug addicts with low self esteem. Not 23-year-old Reagan Gomez-Preston. In fact, Robert Townsend's lil' daughter—who began turning heads on WB's The Parent Hood— has grown up and lives a normal, narcotic-free life. She got married, had a recurring role on MTV's lame answer to daytime soaps Undressed and is set to play Earl "DMX” Simmons' down ass chick in his drug lord drama Never Die Alone. Come to think of it, her life isn't all that normal. Word to Gary Coleman.

On the kind of roles she would or would not take…
I think you can bring some integrity to any role. Not that I'll do whatever, but I also try not to say "never.”

Does that include doing nudity?
I'm not really about that these days, but you never know. Maybe if it was really important to the part, but right now, if you just want someone to just show off their tits and ass, you might as well get someone else.