The blaring headline on the front of the New York Daily News shouldn't have been a surprise to me. I figured my cynicism towards the antics of Foxy Brown would've made me shrug as I turned to the 169th cautionary article on homegrown terrorism. But hitting someone in their jaw by throwing a BlackBerry? That'll wake anyone up. I'm surprised that I can still be surprised at what this piece of ghetto poultry does anymore. This was the result of an ongoing feud between her and a neighbor. Just like back in the good old days of high school, both sides claim the other one started it. And so Foxy once again stares a good amount of jail time in the face.

The problem is that Foxy Brown and Remy Ma(and to a lesser extent, Lil Kim)have not only bought their own hype, they've got stock options. I've written about this previously; what exists here is either an abject lack of caring about common sense and/or intelligence or the lack of said qualities. Out of these three, Lil Kim has done time in prison and has kept a low profile since her release. Would we see something like that with Foxy or Remy?

Remy's situation was similar to Foxy's in the fact that both women felt they had to maintain their street credibility and to express their supposed sense of entitlement. Foxy telling the young woman she's accused of assaulting, "B***h you'll never be anything" says as much. The promoted view by both these women and their labels and promotion teams are that of rugged but classy lyricists which I can say is neither one of them. It's as if female rappers now have just become mere side shows, catfighting borderline guttersnipes in sepia. And that does a great disservice to those female MC's past and present who have done so much to make sure that the ladies represent in hip hop. So now I will be bombarded with images of Foxy Brown for the rest of the day, just another rap gal gone wild.


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