They might've come up short on I Love New York and I Love Money, but brother act Real and Chance are getting a shot at running the show on VH1's Real Chance of Love. Following in the path of destruction Flavor of Love and Rock of Love left behind, the show finds 17 eligible bachelorettes vying for the affections of both Chance and Real. Before everyone has the opportunity to embarrass themselves on national television, we asked the Stallionaires to pick five of the show's contestants that left the biggest impression on them.

Which contestant got your attention right off the bat?

Real: I'd say MILF. She was a straight up MILF. I think every brother likes to get breastfed [laughs].

Breastfeeding? Is that the kind of stuff we're going to see on the show?

Real: You're going to see us laugh, you're going to see us cry, you're going to see us in our natural state.

Chance: And you're going to see our bare asses!

I'll have to skip that episode.

Real: Yeah, we did a little streaking through the house. Got a little naked and streaked so the girls could see.

Chance: We had to get a little butt naked.

This is KING. I don't think you're going to sell your show to our readers with your backshots.

Real: Oh, nah, nah, nah, nah. You think we were streaking by ourselves?

Chance: Course not! What that look like a couple of balls running across the camera? I don't think so!


Speaking of balls, what did this girl do to deserve a nickname like Meatball?

Chance: Well, when she turned around I thought she had some nice meatballs. But later on that day I realized it was really a flabby ravioli. I wish I could have renamed her, but that's what I thought I saw! Meatballs! Plus, she was a real Italian chick. She had that swing. She reminded me of a plate of pasta.

So did you guys split the girls evenly or did you enjoy sloppy seconds?

Chance: We've done that before.

Real: Right. He humped my girl. I humped his.

That's brotherly love. Do either of you care who goes first?

Chance: I mean whoever gets the girl first.

Real: If he ends up getting the girl then more power to him.