Was Heat responsible for getting you sent home?
My mistake was trying to play a smart man's game with a bunch of dummies—that was my downfall.

You and Heat were friends though, right?
Yeah, he's a follower though. Going back to I Love New York with 12 Pack, he latches on.

What did everyone have against Buddha?
You want to eliminate your strongest competitors first,and Buddha was the biggest threat.

Myammee called Buckwild out to fight, but she declined. Why did she back down?
Buckwild was doing the same thing I was doing, because she has an alliance with Sappharyri.

I guess that proved Buckwild's not as "gangsta” as she acts.
No! She is all mouth, she gets in people's faces, she's loud. She's just talk cause she knows she really can't do anything.

Is "It” just as phony?
A lot of people say "It" is an actor. Well, if he's an actor then he is a damn good one. But he's smarter than what you think.

What cast member annoyed you the most?
Everyone has problems with Frank "The Entertainer." He's an asshole. The dude is just loud obnoxious and annoying—a little primadonna.

Who was the best looking female in the house?
Myammee hands down. Prancer's really cute, but Myammee, that's just a different league. She walked around in her lingerie because the airline lost all her bags. I wasn't complaining.

Who do you think will win?
Myammee is who I want to win, only because we kind of clicked. She's truly genuine.—Shamika B. Sanders


Look for Onix in the upcoming movie, Misunderstanding.