AGE: 29


HEIGHT: 5'5”


ETHNICITY: Vietnamese and Caucasian

HOMETOWN: San Diego, California

TWITTER: twitter.com/sheilapsmith

KING: It seems your hometown is the dusty stepchild of your neighbors to the north—considering the women from Los Angeles get huge attention in this industry. So what should people really know about girls from San Diego? 

SHEILA: In San Diego, we are a little more modest but still like to have a good time and get crazy. I think since we live in such a chill city and so close to the beach, we are just free spirits.

How did that free-spirited attitude lead you to being KING's Casting Call Cutie? I really just started taking pictures with my club photographer friends for fun. Arabelle Modeling found me on MySpace and submitted pictures on my behalf to miscellaneous editors and music-video directors. This exposure is much appreciated, and I am flattered that I was chosen to be part of such a well-known magazine.


The pleasure is all ours. What's the most common thing people ask you about your ethnicity? "What are you?” I get that question a lot, as nobody can ever quite figure it out. I'm half Vietnamese and half Caucasian. I've been told numerous times that I have an exotic look and have a different style than others.

How so? I notice these days many females all look the same and blend in. I always try to stand out on every level, and I'm not trying to go after that Kim Kardashian look.

Really? I thought every girl wanted a big booty with its own gravitational pull. Something that really does stand out, though, is my natural green eyes. They lure people into my mysterious side.

And what mysterious side is that, green-eyed bandit? I have a side to me that people want to figure out, as I don't expose all of my character immediately. It's almost like I'm a puzzle, and I've noticed men flock to this like white on rice.


Switching gears, KING hasn't had a redhead grace these pages in quite a while. At the risk of sounding corny, they say blondes have more fun, but what do redheads do? We have that superhero mentality and vibe. We can turn a dull party into the best event you've ever been to! You will never forget meeting a spicy redhead.

Agreed. Jessica Rabbit still haunts our dreams. What do you do for fun, when you're not sexing it up for the cameras? I love to dance. It's a huge passion of mine. I enjoy anything along the lines of modern dancing, like salsa or bachata, and choreographed hip-hop. I grew up on Polynesian dancing too. So you will always see me out grooving to the beat.


Or bending backwards to pass the time, as you did behind the scenes of your photo shoot. Very impressive, by the way. Where did this flexible side come from? I was born flexible [laughs].

Don't know what to say to that. Just kidding. Actually, I was a gymnast and an All-Star cheerleader in high school, where we competed nationwide against other squads. You may have seen me on ESPN.

The only cheerleading condoned on ESPN, in our eyes, involve the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Nevertheless, does this talent of yours help out when the lights go off? Only a select few have been ever so lucky for me to demonstrate my full talents.