As a model, Arissa Hill would make a good TV star. Or so thought her agent. "He told me, ‘I think you'd be great on a reality show,' ” the 23-year-old Boston beauty says, calling from her new hometown of Las Vegas. And apparently he was right, as Arissa is now one of the cast mates on the latest installment of MTV's Real World, which finds the seven strangers living in a posh room at the Maloof Brothers' (of the Sacramento Kings fame) Palms Hotel in Las Vegas.

The twist was that Arissa's agent wasn't talking about The Real World, but Lost in the U.S.A., a Real World / Road Rules-like show that was being put together by the people behind The Real World, Bunim-Murray Productions. But when Lost was cancelled before filming even began, the producers asked Arissa to try out for the 12th season of The Real World. "I did a couple of interviews,” she recalls, "and they flew me out to L.A., and a day after I got back they called and said, ‘You have three days to pack up your life and move to Las Vegas.'