Soulja Boy has some harsh words for Kanye West after Ye recently said during a Drink Champs Podcast interview that he was less than impressed with the verse Soulja turned in for the Donda album.

On Friday (Nov. 5), Soulja hopped on a gaming livestream to air out Kanye during an epic rant. "Bitch-ass nigga, don't get on a public platform and say different from what you told me to my face," Soulja yelled. "Tell me to my face that shit was trash, bitch-ass fucking scab-head-ass boy. Who cut your hair?"

During his venting session, Soulja showed off a text conversation on his phone that he claims shows Kanye telling him the verse was hard. "Why the fuck you ain't text my phone and say you ain't...nigga?" Soulja added.

SB felt like Kanye's other comment was a backhanded compliment. "You not finna baby me with no, 'Soulja Boy is the future.' Shut the fuck up. Nigga you said my verse wasn't hard, nigga. Who the fuck you think you talking...Everything that come out my mouth is hard, nigga. What the fuck is you talking ’bout, Kanye West? Nigga, your album was trash."

Soulja's energized rebuttal comes after Kanye appeared on the Drink Champs Podcast on Thursday night (Nov. 4), and, among other things, said the verse Soulja provided for Donda was not up to par. "You ain't hear that verse?" Kanye asked N.O.R.E. when the rapper-turned-podcaster asked why the "Rick and Morty" rhymer's lyrics had been pulled.

“The verse wasn’t good?” N.O.R.E. asked.

“Nah,” Kanye responded. “But I’ll tell you what, though. Soulja Boy is the future, though."

This isn't the first time Big Soulja has snapped on Kanye for pulling the verse he provided for Donda from the final edition of the Young Thug-assisted track “Remote Control.” Shortly after the album was released in August sans his verse, Draco hopped on Twitter to share his thoughts. “That nigga Kanye weird af,” Soulja tweeted. “Idk how to feel, Kanye sent me that song 'remote control' and I don’t hear my verse on it... hmm fuck that nigga.”

Soulja wasn't the only person who had an issue with their verse being cut from Donda. Chris Brown also called out Kanye.

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