Calling the 360 Modena a car is like calling the Grand Canyon a hole in the ground. Whether it's a convertible or coupe, it's nothing less than a rolling work of art; a cool, angular, mysterious hunk of sporty luxury. It invites admiration, yet its raw metallic beauty is matched by an engine whose ferocity will leave your hat a mile behind the vehicle before you're even in second gear. Think total body sensation; the sight of its perfect body, the smell of its leather interior, the sound of its monster engine, and the sensation in your body as you feel its rumble while driving.

The Diablo looks like a frozen comet, or a rocket with wheels. Tiny, round space-age rear lights appear in stark contrast to the eight gaping vents over the rear-placed engine; this allows the Diablo to belch volumes of air, the better for you to break the sound barrier via its 6-litre,V-12 engine, which gets 5 miles to the gallon. The body is made of lightweight carbon fibre except for the roof and doors. The car's roof stops just under the belly button of an average-sized man, making this an extreme low-rider, but the body design is extra wide for stability. An enormous rear spoiler steadies your ride. Jumbo side view mirrors seem an afterthought; when you step on it, there won't be anything behind you in the road to see. Fat dual exhaust pipes are positioned in the center under the rear bumper. The front end is sharply angled down, giving the Diablo a predatory appearance. A ride simply doesn't get any better than this.