Talk about growing pains. In the "A Beautiful Life” video off his debut, A Beautiful World, Robin Thicke, 30, played the part of a bike messenger wearing grubby layered Ts and baggy jeans, with wavy hair brushing his shoulders. "I had no style on the first album,” says the blue-eyed soul man. "I was listening to everyone around me, and they thought [the long hair] was my thing. But I never felt comfortable in it, never really felt like me.”
Four years and a hit single later ("Lost Without You”), Thicke delivers a more refined sense of style. "I'm a Johnny Cash, black-on-black kind of guy,” he says. "When I go out I like to wear slacks, tennis shoes, a nice button-up with a jacket. Just simple, and almost always black and white. I'll play with color in the pocket squares or a tie, but that's about it.”
But don't be fooled by the collars, V-necks and vests: Thicke is by no means a suit. As with his music, a touch of hip-hop style creeps into his look, with a back-pocket bandanna here and a pair of white Adidas Ali sneakers there. Where does he get his signature look? In part from his delectable actress wife Paula Patton (Idlewild, Déjà Vu), who doubles as his style adviser. "My wife is the only one I trust with everything, so any time I have a song or an outfit I always ask her opinion—she's got amazing taste.”

More photos of the styles worn by Robin Thicke featured in the June 2007 issue of KING Magazine on newsstands now!