by Russ Bengtson

Hey, this thing still works! I'm actually afraid to check the last time I posted—pretty sure it was back in the days of short-shorts and canvas kicks. My bad.

Anyways, tomorrow (or today, depending on when you're reading this) is Election Day, and this seemed important enough to share. Maybe you've seen this elsewhere already, but the more sources the merrier.

Not sure how much backstory I need to get into, but once again ('gain), adidas has forsaken individual signature shoes in favor of two styles—one for their bigs, one for their littles. You've got the TS Commander for the big guys like Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan, and the TS Creator for the little guys like Gilbert Arenas (who will wear a low, of course) and new Nugget Chauncey Billups. Tracy McGrady, who at 6-9 falls somewhere in between, is a Creator.

Well, with some kind of election happening tomorrow and the Rockets playing the Celtics in Houston,  both T-Mac and KG wanted to make some kind of a statement. And they will, with shoes emblazoned with politically themed slogans. KG's will read "EMBRACE CHANGE - VOTE '08," and T-Mac's "CHANGE IS NEEDED - VOTE '08". No candidates will be mentioned, but you can bet both are supporting the one whose name sounds like "yo' mama."

Photos? Yes, we have those, too: