Packed with more illegal activity than a weekend with Pacman Jones, Midway's Blitz: The League II features all the drug binges, head stomps and late hits that G-rated games like Madden choose to ignore. Taking a cue from real-life NFL scandals, the game forces you to guide your team to the championship while trying to keep your players out of prison or rehab. Depending on your gaming skills, here are five characters that might end up grabbing a ring—or serving time in San Quentin.


Name: Kimo Talofa

Team: Atlanta 404

Position: Defensive End

Bio: Born in Samoa, Kimo graduated from the New Zealand Institute for Sport, and then won Rugby's World Cup. Now he's the fiercest pass rusher in the league. His head is so large and hard, he could play without a helmet and it wouldn't matter. Off the field, he's a train wreck. He has a bad habit of getting blind drunk and picking fights with rich guys.

Name: Kwazi Mbutabe

Team: Baltimore Bearcats

Position: Running Back

Bio: Kwazi still wears the war paint and screams across the line of scrimmage at the opposing defense, but he's taken so much of a beating over the years that he's lost all his juking ability. Now he's a relentless pounder. The former Cincinnati Crusaders star has provided a spark to the offense, but there is no doubt that he is a one-man show.

Name: Felix Fortain

Team: Mexico City Aztecs

Position: Tight End

Bio: Fortain is an electrifying tight end who dominates in the run and passing games. Off the field, Felix has a weakness for licking flaming tequila off the stomachs of Mexican whores, and he is currently under suspicion from the DEA for smuggling steroids into the U.S. on the Aztecs team plane when they enter the country for their away games.

Name: Packrat James

Team: New England Regulars

Position: Linebacker

Bio: James took over the defense from retired captain Vonnie Treonday and kept up the level of excellence on the field. Off the field he's been arrested 12 times. Between multiple breaking and entering charges, his addictions to strip clubs, and his off season antics as a professional wrestler, Packrat is as much the team cancer as he is savior.

Name: Shane Spain

Team: Chicago Marauders

Position: Quarterback

Bio: In spite of his advanced age and declining skills, Spain is still at the helm of the Marauders. He's an icon in Chicago, and icons sell out stadiums, even if they throw too many interceptions. There's also a rumor that Spain has become addicted to pain killers; after all the sacks and late hits, he needs them just to climb out of bed.


Blitz: The League II hits the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on Monday, October 13