You sit and watch Ali and wonder: what if? Better yet: when? But it's not all about Will Smith—it's the shot angles, the stunning slow motion of a right uppercut, and the authenticity of the street scenes. Ali Director Michael Mann is Generation X's revolutionary: Miami Vice and Crime Story revolutionized television. Heat and The Insider revolutionized Hollywood. How did Michael Mann get to direct something so important instead of Spike Lee, F. Gary Gray, John Singleton, George Tillman? Instead of Hype Williams? According to the last name on the list, it is all about color, but not race. "I don't believe there is a racism problem in Hollywood,” Williams says. "There are just as many white and Jewish filmmakers out here that can't get breaks as there are us. It's all about money in this business; the only color problem is green. If you make money, you get films made.”