Rough-and rugged Baltimore Raven linebacker Ray Lewis has a collection of cars and trucks that'll keep him looking fly in any weather, but beyond the ballin' he remains a humble man.

The 27-year-old man known as Ray Ray or Lou Lou to his friends is the perfect subject. With a photogenic grill and massive pythons that helped Lewis during the 2000 season become only the second man to win both Super Bowl MVP and Defensive Player of the Year, Ray fits with these powerful cars. Even now, playing on a salary-cap-ravaged Ravens team that may not even make the playoffs this season, Ray's status as a king of the NFL is unquestioned. This past off-season, as part of re-signing with the Ravens, Lewis was awarded the largest signing bonus in league history: $19 million.

KING: Was owning a Bentley your childhood dream?
RAY LEWIS: Heck no! We don't dream of Bentleys where I come from [Lakeland, Florida]. At most we're dreaming of a Benz, if that. I just told myself I'd get a Bentley the day I won a Super Bowl and I did.

How do you pick your rides? What's more important, style, mobility, what?

It's a combination of both. I pick my rides based on style of the ride first and foremost. If I see something I like when I'm cruising down the road then I just call up and get it.