Ex in the City - KING sets the scene for a sexy cinematic thriller.
Haqq Twins
Leave those anorexic Olsens to Cosmopolitan. For our money, Hollywood's fiercest dose of double trouble is Khadijah and Malika Haqq, the sticky-fingered twins of ATL fame. Still prone to swiping, they'll steal your breath away in our spread.

Melissa De Sousa
Having played a temptress on film, Melissa De Sousa can't shake the bitchy stigma from men's heads. A sweetie at heart, the foxy Panamanian is looking to grab a best boy with her key grip.

Back fully loaded with a new movie, Resident Evil: Extinction, and a new album, the once-harmless Ashanti Douglas is ready to bust. Man down!

Elise Neal
Video vixen turned actress Elise Neal is a true Hollywood come-up story. The co-star of Fox's new drama K-Ville comes clean about her time at a certain rapper's "amusement park.”


Twenty Greatest Chick Flicks…Not Just for Chicks
Scoring high on Meg Ryan trivia? Take control of the Blockbuster card and enjoy these 20 male- and female- friendly pictures. Your movie nights will be poppin' more than just kernels.

KING Me: 50 Cent
Music-biz giant 50 Cent has always bodied his competition. Nowadays, his sights are set on a lil' bitty MC.

Lloyd Avery - Stranger Than Fiction
Actor Lloyd Avery II grew up middle-class with a pool in the backyard. So how, exactly, did he end up lying face down in a pool of blood in a Pelican Bay cell? KING investigates.

TAG - Razor Sharp
Typically seen in rugged gear, Wu-Tang Clan's chief, RZA, undergoes a garment renaissance.

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