Friends! Negroes! Countrymen! Lend me your ear...

I would like to pose a question to you, the esteemed readers of, and any ladies who might make their way past here with an opinion on this. The question I pose is, what do you deem acceptible as far as men's jewelry?

Let me clairfy that: What do think is a good look for someone who is not a rapper, actor or professional athlete? We all know that those cats get away with whatever the Hell they want, when it comes to jewelry. Check the examples:

Exhibit A - ROSS!


Exhibit B - The Ruler(who should have used his one remaining eye to look in the mirror and see how tacky that shorts-set is)

Slick Rick

Exhibit C - "I Pity The Fool" Edition

I Pity The Fool

 As you see, being an entertainer gives you a little more freedom to be as over-the-top as you see fit. Since I'm not a rich celebrity, and most likely, you're not a rich celebrity...I want your opinion on:

What you like

What you think is tacky/ugly/fruity, ect...

How often you wear jewelry/accessories

Hell, it really doesn't matter what you share your opinion about, as long as it's somewhat relevant to the topic. Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



Yeah...I said it