San Francisco head coach Mike Singletary opened up the floodgates to what will inevitably be a deluge of Michael Vick-related news over the coming months.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last two years, you know that Vick was charged and sentenced to 23 months in prison for being the money man behind a dog-fighting organization—Bad Newz Kennelz (what an awful name).

He's set for release sometime between today and July and, depending on what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decides to do, could suit up for a team this fall.

Singletary told reporters on Tuesday that the 49ers would consider signing Vick if his NFL suspension was lifted shortly after he is released.

Of course, one day later a 49ers spokesman said, "We have no interest in signing Michael Vick."

That's what's tricky about this situation—even if San Francisco does have interest in Vick, they can't let that cat out of the bag just yet.

The team would have a storm of media, protestors and animal rights activists at its headquarters telling them that signing Vick is wrong.

Vick joining the team might even dissuade customers from attending their games.

In these tough financial times, the bottom line is the only thing that matters.

Public relations and marketing are far more important than championships and notoriety.

So, I don't see anyone inking Vick to a contract—despite his phenomenal, yet diminishing athletic prowess.

Which brings us to the ultimate question.

Would you want your favorite team to welcome Vick to training camp come July?