The good folks at 2K Sports finally released exclusive pics of what arguably the NBA's greatest player will look like in the upcoming NBA 2K11. Unless you've been living like a nomad recently, Michael Jordan will be a playable character in the vaunted NBA 2K franchise. For the young bucks who probably remember number 23 as a Washington Wizard, this will probably be the first time they can be like Mike. For the 80's babies who've been digital balling since the days of Double Dribble, this is probably the first time they'll be playing as MJ in over a decade. Either way, 2K put time and effort in this, and once again found another way to crush the spirit of EA Sports' NBA Live, now NBA Elite, series.


Not only will you be able to play as Jordan, 2K announced the Jordan Challenge feature, which allows gamers to relive the Hall-of-Famer's 10 greatest games. From his 69-point performance against the Cleveland Cavs in 1990 to fighting the flu against the Utah Jazz in the 1998 NBA Finals, die-hards will be able to create their own Jordan moment. "Fans of the series are going to be thrilled to know that in NBA 2K11 Michael Jordan is much, much more than just a cover athlete," 2K Sports' VP of marketing Jason Argent says. "We're excited to start talking about ways that Michael will be used in the game and there's still a lot more to come."

Until the days creep closer to 2K11's October 5 release date, we'll just bask in the glow of trailers like this...

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