In 2007, the best fights weren't just in the ring, but also at award shows, clubs and an octagon. Michael Buffer or no Michael Buffer, these were the rumbles that mattered most in '07.

7. Smush Parker vs. Valet Parking Attendant (Name Unknown)
Venue: A condo in Miami, Florida
Play-by-play: Parker argues with a 41-year-old female parking attendant that he already paid the $12 it cost to park his Smushcalade. Gives her the Dee Barnes treatment.
Winner: The parking attendant. She keeps her job while Smush Parker's roster spot on the Miami Heat is now in limbo.

6. Trick Daddy vs. Strip Club Patron (Name Unknown)
Venue: Tootsie's Cabaret in Miami, Florida
Play-by-play: Probably made it rain, and a Tootsie's regular feels disrespected.
Winner: The other guy. Reports note that Trick Daddy had to be carried out on a gurney.

5. Mobb Deep vs. Saigon
Venue: S.O.B.'s in New York City
Play-by-play: Saigon walks on the S.O.B. stage to confront both members of Mobb Deep and sucker punches Prodigy. Retires from rap a few weeks later.
Winner: Mobb Deep. They're still making records.

4. Quinton "Rampage” Jackson versus Chuck Lidell
Venue: Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada
Play-by-play: The fight that put UFC and the world of Mixed Martial Arts on the mainstream map.
Winner: Rampage. He knocked out Lidell in less than two minutes of the first round.

3. T.I. and T.I.P versus Chaka Zulu
Venue: A private luncheon
Play-by-play: The King of the South debate comes to blows.
Winner: T.I. and T.I.P.. It was 2-on-1, Chaka Zulu had no chance.

2. Tommy Lee versus Kid Rock
Venue:  MTV Video Music Awards in Las Vegas, Nevada
Play-by-play: Rock and Lee come to blows over Pamela Anderson's bomb azz…well, you know. Neither could agree who's it was.
Winner: According to reports, Rock landed two clean hits to Lee's face before security stepped in and escorted Lee out.

1. Floyd Mayweather versus Ricky Hatton
Venue: Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada
Play-by-play: Sure Mayweather versus De La Hoya was the bigger moneymaker, but there's no denying Mayweather versus Hatton was a better fight.
Winner: Mayweather gets the best U.K. boxing has to offer with a tenth round knockout.