anuchabrownsanders.jpgLet's get one thing straight: I do not condone sexual harassment. I work at KING Magazine, so I'm going to repeat that. I do not condone sexual harassment.

I know what sexual harassment is, and what it isn't. That's all figured out. And I have a loose idea of how the law works on these sorts of things. In a nutshell, if you get fresh at the mouth or with the hands towards a co-worker, said co-worker has a right to report your ass, and if the company ain't doing shit about you or your fresh ass ways, said co-worker can sue you and the company.

So, needless to say, I didn't even read much of the coverage concerning Isiah Thomas and the Madison Square Garden sexual harassment scandal. I really hate how the press makes these things bleed on a daily basis (although Thomas' thoughts on calling black women bitches was an lol moment for me), because no case, except for the time Clarence Thomas had to prove he wasn't really a perv so we could have at least one token in the most powerful court in the world, is really that detrimental to my everyday life.

But let me tell you when I really stopped paying attention, and figured Isiah and Dolan would be able to beat this thing. The day I saw Anucha Browne Sanders.

Now, I have always said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it just so happens, some men just be holding some ugly women. And true, perhaps the word "ugly" is a little harsh. After all, one man's trash is another man's treasure, but let's be real here. Go look at images of this woman and tell me if you would believe that someone was actually sexually harassing her. I wouldn't, nor do I think Isiah would, and that's not because he's rich and doesn't need to sexually harrass women. Sexual harrassment is a behavior demonstrated by plenty of rich and powerful men. I'm just saying, some women are never going to be sexually harrassed in their life off the strength of their looks. And Anucha Browne Sanders is definitely one of them.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. Turns out Thomas had called this woman a bitch on several occassions, and though I'm pretty sure Thomas had a good reason for using such language, it was still stupid for him to do, and thus, his employer now has to come up with close to $12 million. (Got damn that's a lot of money for calling a woman the "b-word". Remind me to bite my tongue the next time a woman is making me go over the edge.) And to be real, I believe Thomas used plenty of inappropriate language in the presence of Sanders and other employees. Shit, it's Isiah Thomas. His nickname is Zeke. What do you expect?

But, as far as Thomas making inappropriate advances towards Sanders, that dog just don't hunt. Unwanted sexual advances towards her? C'mon homie, you don't believe that stuff, do you? I seriously don't see how that's possible. When Thomas was standing at the podium to address the press and give his thoughts on the verdict, you could just see it in eyes when he said, "I'm extremely disappointed that the jury did not see the facts in this case." The facts being, Anucha Browne Sanders has the sex appeal of one of those women who play a lot of bingo, and not in her wildest dreams would any seeing man ever sexually harass her.