KING Man of the Year:
Don Imus
"Parting Shots”
It took only three words from one mouth to ignite a firestorm of debate and a full-blown incursion into hip-hop. For having such impact, Mr. Don Imus—the original radio bad boy—is our Man of the Year. In other words, the
jock's biggest shock yet.

Sharon Leal
Tastier than an eggnog triple shot, actress Sharon Leal delivers glad tidings by our fireplace. Bring your own wood, er, yule log.

"Long Haul with a Shortstop”
For St. Louis' golden child, becoming an international hip-hop luminary was a clear-cut decision—one followed by many more. Here, in retro paperback fashion, you navigate the crucial paths Nelly has followed.

Salli Richardson
"Beauty Before Age”
Battling ravenous bloodsuckers in Will Smith's I Am Legend, Salli Richardson is no stranger to suspending disbelief. Makes sense—her breathtaking body is already otherworldly.

"Analyze This”
On the cusp of his new,
soul-searching album, B.A.R.S. (The Barry Adrian Reese Story), KING sent Cass to a couch doctor for a head, not microphone, check.

"Who Wants Angel Cake?”
Bodying her video-vixen peers, Angel's derriere reigned supreme in '07.
Since glory and gossip go hand in hand, the curvaceous pinup clears the rumor-filled air and even answers fan questions. (No date requests were fulfilled.)

115 TAG
"Relaxed Fit”
Blending dope-boy freshness with chic couture, Lil' Wayne gives new meaning to the term "cross-dressing.”

Online Dating
"Web of Lies”
KING dispatches a reporter to the adult Internet-hookup scene. Luckily, he didn't acquire any viruses.

Hail Mail
Drama queens get bravos; 50's feeling the flack; and Michael Vick finds a friend.

The KING Awards make a comeback; 2007 is dissected; and Karrine Steffans reveals her all-time favorite bedfellow.

Stay fresher than Santa's cookies this season with our party-themed holiday gift guide, including interactive body slams, Bow Wow/Omarion dogfights and the Fresh Prince alone in Manhattan.

Robin V
Screw those gossip blogs. Our sole reason for logging on in '07? Web Girl of the Year Robin V.

As his career soars, T-Pain stocks his private jet with more "fly girls” than In Living Color.

With inverted hues, these are the wheels on everyone's lips.

Blessings from the heavens.