Ever had a dream that felt way too real? Well, that happened to me about a week back. After a long day at work, I went home and took a nap. Often, I'll leave the television on ESPN while I sleep because I need noise to help me rest. Well, that day I had the strangest dream -- it felt so real.

I heard Green Bay Packers cornerback Al Harris, along with ESPN senior writer Chris Mortensen, say that Brett Favre was considering coming back to the NFL -- that he was "getting the itch again." No way.
Not the same Favre who convulsed and cried for nearly an hour at his "retirement" press conference in early March. Not the same Favre who said he could still play the game but didn't know if he really wanted to anymore.

Not the same Favre who has mulled retirement, flip-flopped and gone back and forth 37 times per offseason the last four years.

I just couldn't believe it. It had to be a dream right? It couldn't be reality.But for some reason, this dream was vivid and palpable.I got up, cut the grass and went to the gym, hoping that would finally wake me up from this Favre-induced nightmare on Tully Lane.

As I walked back inside, the ESPN ticker said the same thing "Source: Favre has 'itch' to return."

Why I couldn't get out of this hallucination? What was wrong with me? Could it be that I was actually awake?
I mean it was only three months ago that we had to endure the ad nauseum coverage of the retirement of Favre. Now, in the middle of summer, he's thinking of returning?

It had to be a dream.

But after I pinched myself, worked out, took a shower, ate dinner and talked to friends I realized this was real.

That's frightening, friends, horribly frightening.

Later in the day, Favre issued a pretty weak non-statement saying that the talk was "all rumor" and that there was "no reason" for the media frenzy.

Do you really believe that?

Since — he's been texting folk and running up daytime minutes to Packers management looking to "talk."

If Favre does return — and is accepted by the Packers — it shows how much of an arrogant, pompous and selfish athlete he is.

His continual should-I-stay-or-should-I-go soap opera not only puts the team in limbo each NFL draft, but it also hinders the ability of the team to fully evaluate backup quarterback Aaron Rogers.

Rodgers, a first-round selection out of California in 2005, has thrown just 59 career passes in his three-year career.

Favre isn't getting any younger. At some point, Rodgers has to get his shot and as long Favre stays in his purgatorial state it's not going to happen, setting the Packers back each year.

Besides, how hypocritical is it of someone — Favre — to do this every year while telling people like former Packers wide receiver Javon Walker that he needed to be in camp instead of holding out for more money.

Ever had a nightmare that felt way too real? If Favre comes back, I'll be living it.