Today, KING Magazine just leaked the cover of their latest issue featuring the hip-hop Pamela Des Barres, Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. Karrine is promoting her second book, The Vixen Diaries, where she puts even more of our favorite artists out on front street.

I never read Confessions of a Video Vixen, her first book, but I knew enough women who did, and heard enough press seeping from some of the names mentioned to know this woman was what the old heads call a choosey suzie. Everyone from Ja Rule to Diddy had a story attached to this girl, and she wasn't making any of it up. And in the end, somehow, someway, she wound up on Oprah as a victim of her hoe-like ways.

Karrine: 1 Hip-Hop: 0

So when I found out this morning that Karrine was actually coming out with a new book, with new names, I honestly just had to shake my head with shame. Why, I asked myself, did the brothers mentioned in the second book, not learn from the mistakes made by the men in the first book? It's as though they too read Confessions of a Video Vixen but instead of reading it the cautionary tale it was meant to be, they read it like it was a buy-one-pair-get-another-pair free Timberland sale announcement for the local Foot Locker.

Now, as a man, I understand the psychology behind this to a degree. When a man comes back to his boys with a freaky ass encounter with a woman like Karrine, those in the group who haven't tried her, feel left out, so they put their bid in too off the strength of their mans word. Sort of like being the first in your group to have that fresh, new album ain't no one have yet. All your boys want to hold it for a day or so so they can burn it on their computer.  And you, being a loyal friend, aren't going to stop any of them.But whatever happened to individual thought? I resign myself to the idea that rappers and R&B singers (especially R&B singers) get to see more ass than public restrooms. So my question is, when ninjas are finally allowed to eat at Ruths Chris on the house, why are they still going to McDonald's? One guess is many of the new names mentioned in the second book suffer from a case of arrested development. They emulate the stars who came before them so much, they will smash the same groupies the "old heads" smashed.

My other theory is more in line with the way most young men think today. The concept of being a true pimp has been diluted. Their interpretation of being a pimp is a man who is hittin' every girl in sight, when really, true pimps were never about bangin' a lot of girls. As a matter of fact, they would only hit one, and the rest of the girls you saw him with were out turning tricks and making his money. Now I'm not saying men should start reverting back to these tactics, but it begs the question: If Karrine is the one making all the money off these sexual encounters (because trust, ain't no dude mentioned in either book cakin off their name being in the book) who's pimpin' and who's trickin? I've always said, the problem with most men is we think we're a man when we hit that, when in actuality, a real man knows when not to hit that. And while I do understand, it ain't no fun if the homies can't get none, I also understand that when a person like Karrine is giving it to the homies, she's playing them all for some got damn fools, and the fun is over.