Features From The May 2008 Issue

KING's Bachelor's Guide to Food
From the cuisine-challenged, KING chews the fat on all things food. Included: Child's-play platters, in-the-mood foods and a gangsta grill.

"How Do Ya Like Them Apples?"
Returning to VH1's Celebrity Fit Club, a toned-up Toccara shows off the fruits of her workout labor. These melons are definitely ripe for the picking!

Ray J
"This Guy Can Steal Your Chick"
Better known for his on-camera pipe game than vocal pipes, Ray J wants to be taken seriously as a singer. Is his hope of R&B validation a wet dream?

Porschia Coleman
"Yogi Bare"
Replacing a billionaire beauty would have most women bent out of shape. Not Porschla Coleman. Deep breathing and leg stretches are a daily routine for Russell Simmons' new arm candy. Kimora who?

Mr. Feel Good
Ken Francis experienced ectasy every day, whether partying with superstars or overseeing his stable of models. Little did the socialite turned inmate know that an under-wraps Ectasy-smuggling ring would kill his high.

"Smokin' Gear
After being suited like a '70's pimp for his "Sensual Seduction" video, Snoop Dogg lets KING give him a 21st-century upgrade.

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