KING Before meeting you, the only V.I.P. tuning we knew about was Pam Anderson's wack TV show. Enlighten us.

BEN SCHAFFER [owner of V.I.P. tuners, Bespoke Ventures] V.I.P. tuning originated in Japan more than a decade ago. It's often discussed alongside Yakuza culture* in the media. Ultimately, though, whether the car owners are Yakuza-affiliated or Tokyo executives, the purpose of V.I.P. tuning is to add a custom and exclusive image to mass-produced luxury cars—primarily Japanese and European.

Okay but what is it exactly? You're being vague.

This is done by more aggressive body kits, fender flaring, uniquely styled exhausts and most importantly, [bold] fitment wheels.

Now you're talking. What's the premier rim for this lifestyle?

Well, the wheels we distribute represent the unique and expensive style that V.I.P. tuning is famous for. In particular, the Leading Edge W201 rim is groundbreaking. Because it has a concave face, it stands out from the crowd, creating a unique look that highlights the depth of the rim. From a side profile on a car, it's a look that is entirely fresh. The rim is actually insane in person.

How much does it cost?
V.I.P. parts are never cheap. It takes money to roll, and this rim is no exception. Prices start at $670 a rim for the 18-inches and go to $925 for the 20s.

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