Remember last week's post, when I was lamenting over Rick Ross and 50's rivalry being judged by everything but the music? Well scratch that--I'd rather peep a seven-hour Freestyle Friday marathon than listen to Officer Rawse's latest attack, "Kiss My Pinky Ring, Curly." On what may be the worst diss record ever recorded (no exaggeration), Ricky says a lot of nothing aside from repeatedly calling Curtis a monkey over G. Dep's "Special Delivery" beat. My advice--step your Flip cam game up, Rick.

Rick Ross - "Kiss My Pinky Ring, Curly" [50 Cent Diss]

Meanwhile, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo jump into the stomp out on G-Unit's latest, "I Be The Shooter." A tame diss record, the three take quick pot shots at Ross over a hard-as-concrete backdrop on what is sure to be the first of many lyrical murkings from Fiddy's crew. Prediction: Rawse takes the biggest loss that we've seen thus far.

G-Unit - "I Be The Shooter" [Rick Ross Diss]

Let me know who y'all think is on top in the lyrical fray. I'll be patiently awaiting 50's next spoof video. --JFK