The Sri-Lankan by way of London hottie known as M.I.A. has made a name for herself by pulling the abstract percussions of her hometown and meshing them with 80's
styled rhyme patterns and a Soca inspired pulse. Dope. Her latest offering, the electro funky white label "Hit That” acknowledges her rather intense sexuality and interestingly enough, reinterprets Wreckx-N-Effect's "Rump Shaker”. Over a flickering bass line and snyth drop courtesy of producer Bangladesh (of Kelis' "Bossy” fame) she offers us suggestions to "tap tap that/bed to the wall” over and over again. Literally. This record is a worthy follow up to her slow burning, Timbaland-produced monster "Bird Flu.” Fuck Grey Goose, this'll make the girls get loose (*grins*) this summer. – Shawn Lawrence James

Listen to "Hit That" by M.I.A.