The brewing feud between Bow Wow and Rita G and Dollicia continued today with Rita posting a response to Bow's YouTube video on her blog. We know Ms. G can usually be very outspoken, but she seemed to take it a little easy on the dog, don't you think? Here's her unedited rant:
"Bow Wow seems like a nice person. I'm sure he meets a lot of women, just as a lot of grown men approach me. the only reason it stuck out in my mind is because it reminded me of a little boy tryng to holla at a grown woman. it was cute, i was flattered - and i especially admired his confidence (i said as much in the intvw if you listen to the full thing posted on myspace/ritamania) when i noted my age he told me that's all he likes is older women. but it's really not a big thing he's a grown man now, a talented rapper and i'm happy for his success. and i take no offense at his comments because i understand that some people may identify their manhood with how much money they have… but just because your money increases doesnt mean your characheter increases or that your insecurities go away”