As a response to the recent success of the blog Stuffwhitepeoplelike, some smart black (maybe?) folks got together and created a cousin site, entitled (what else?), Stuffeducatedblackpeoplelike.

This is a good idea. A very good idea. And the editors at KING, who are made up primarily of white people (it's true) and educated black people, love both of these ideas, especially the latter. Check out the latest entry from SEBPL and click on the link to read the others. Whether the people behind this site are really black or not, educated black people can still appreciate a site like this.

#8 Business Cards
March 3, 2008
Educated Black people like to show off their credentials and one of the best ways to do it without saying a word is through a business card. Educated Blacks like business cards because they can pack a BIG punch on just a 3.5″ x 2″ piece of card stock!

After having a conversation with an educated Black, they love to direct you to keep in touch or "call if you need anything.” But gone are the days where they tear off a corner of a napkin or sheet of paper. They whip out custom card cases and slide you their business card. These cards usually contain a seal or logo to let you know what school or company they work for. Their position is also listed so that you can know they have good amount of power within the workplace. We all know that only persons in positions of power get company cards!

Business cards are also a clever way for educated Blacks to let you know just how educated they are. Some business cards are abbreviated versions of their resume, listing damn near ever credential that they have. For instance, the cards will say something like,

Educated Black Person, Esq., A.A., B.A., MBA, Ph.D., RN, NAACP, AAA

so that they can let you know they are educated. An educated Black person couldn't possibly let you know ALL of his/her credentials in a short conversation without seeming pretentious. However, the business card should leave no doubt that this person has been on an education grind!