If the "we are all witnesses" slogan is true, then Kobe Bryant should be the first to testify. Lebron James is the best player in the NBA .

If you caught the Cavaliers at Lakers game on ABC, then you saw a battle between two of the NBA's biggest stars.

And for the second straight game Lebron outplayed, on both sides of the ball, the self-appointed second-coming of Michael Jordan -- especially in the fourth quarter.

James who scored 40+ points for the fifth time this season is averaging 37 in his two games (both wins) against the Lakers. More impressively, though, is the defense he played on Bryant, shutting down the scoring great when it mattered.

That what was a huge question most had about Lebron; Can he shut down the opposing teams' best offensive player in the clutch?

He's done it twice to the most gifted offensive player in the league. What's more amazing, is that James' defense actually made Phil Jackson sit down Kobe, with his team trailing by four, late in the fourth quarter.

Now if you know ANYTHING about Jackson you know that it would take that thing from "Cloverfield" (anyone know what that was?) attacking the Staples Center and going Artest on Bryant -- for him to take Kobe out in that situation.

James' defense was so good and forced Bryant into bad shot after bad shot, so Jackson had to take Kobe out to send a message to the superstar.

Kobe Bryant doesn't get rattled often, but James has already done it to him twice.

That's why there shouldn't be a debate anymore.